Fairy Tales for Life: “The Handless Maiden” – Public Workshop

A six hours workshop to frame the phenomenon of Fairy Tales both form the theoretical viewpoint and from their direct practical experience through writing

Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology (HKIAP)

Hong Kong, Kowloon, TST

November 2, 2013

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Dott. Marta Tibaldi

psicologa, psicoterapeuta, psicologa analista con funzione didattica e di supervisione presso l’Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Analitica (A.I.P.A.) e l’International Association for Analytical Psychology (I.A.A.P.)

Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 51
00195 Roma
Albo Psicologi del Lazio n. 2231
P.IVA 07743400587

Email: info@martatibaldi.com

Blog: martatibaldi.blogspot.com

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